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Creda Lint And Fluff Filter


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Creda Lint And Fluff Filter

Creda Lint And Fluff Filter


Genuine spare part

Stock No: 1808723OH

  • Product Description

    The Fluff Filter is important for safe and effective tumble dryer operation!

    Your tumble dryer works by forcing hot air through a rotating drum to extract moisture from the clothing.

    As the clothes tumble in the drum they rub against each other, breaking off bits of fibre that collect as lint. A damaged or clogged fluff filter can restrict airflow through the dryer, causing it to work harder and possibly overheat. Also big lint build-up on the filter will slow drying times and increase the dryer’s energy consumption.

    If your tumble dryer's fluff filter is worn or damaged, then it can cause your dryer to use more energy while extracting less water, and it can also be a fire hazard - the lint is flammable.

    Use this replacement Lint and Fluff Filter to avoid these problems and restore your washing machine's performance.

    Top Tip: Always clean the lint filter after every drying cycle.

    Please check the model fit list to ensure that this part is correct for your model.


    • Also Known As: Fluff Filter, Door Filter
    • Colour: Grey
    • Repaircare - We Fix appliances

      If you're not sure what's causing the fault with your Creda Tumble Dryer or you aren't able to complete the repair yourself then our partner service, Repaircare, is just what you need.

      Repaircare is a network of fully trained appliance engineers that operates nationwide. Unlike other repair services, Repaircare only offer fixed price repairs, which means that the price quoted is the price you pay.

      A fixed price repair includes:

      • Call-out
      • Diagnosis
      • Labour
      • Safety check
      • All required parts!
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Genuine spare part

Stock No: 1808723OH